Portrait photography: top tips to follow


If you are interested in photography, then it’s important to know few rules. Moreover you do not have to purchase costly equipements to take awesome portrait photos. These tips have been culled from professionals and experts pertaining to this field of study. As a matter of act, photography is all being creative and experimenting.


  1. it’s all about the expressive eyes

Anyone would say that, eyes speak a thousand words and you need to take a portrait photography that captures this feature. However, how to make them sparkling? Catch light is a term used by experts to enhance a portrait. A catch light is any form of artificial or natural light that is deliberately reflected off of the person’s eyes to make them shimmer. The best position of the catchlight shimmer is at 10 o’clock in connection to the iris of the eye. Photographers present in the studios will utilize an umbrella reflector to point diffused light into the person’s eyes. However, you do not require fancy items to accomplish the same impact. You can use the reflective side of the CD disks to create this effect and this has been suggested by an expert. Another alternative is for you to wear a white T-short that plays the same role.

  1. Tight close-ups or medium shots

Some of the most engaging and dramatic illustrations of portrait photography are medium shots of the person’s torso and face or really tight close-ups of the person’s face. Moreover these snaps are taken against a white backdrop. If you go visit flickr , you will find some fantastic examples, plus Richard Avedon’s photographs follow this principle. If you want to make your pictures pop, then you need to follow this simple step of reducing the background noise and filling the frame with the person’s face.

The least complex approach to get a tight shot of the person is to physically get near the subject. Be careful while using the traditional short lens. These lenses are also referred as wide-angle lenses are intended to capture big images. Therefore, understand its functionality as it can cause distortion.

  1. Opt for natural photos

Actually, posed snaps are rarely considered memorable, since it looks too stiff or lifeless. Moreover it seems that you are trying too hard as well. Hence experts claim that candid shots are good since, it looks vivid at times and this is main factor in portrait photography.

With experience and practice, you can induce this natural energy in the shots. You need to make sure your subject is comfortable and does not have stiff facial expression. In addition to that, you need to take as many snaps as possible. As a result, you will get some real gems. If he or she is nervous, talk to them in between shots, break the ice and try taking some snaps. Moreover if they laugh, they will have glowing faces and make them more photogenic. Hands can sometimes be a problematic area, hence ask them to hold on to something.


Top 5 finance books you should read

So here it is, these books started my career being a freelance photographer making money doing what I am passionate about.


To be honest, most people aren’t even capable of doing their taxes, let alone start a business or be able to call themselves financially independent. Of course, there are countless persons who do manage to start their own businesses, but miserably fail in a couple of years or even months. That’s probably because they haven’t read any of the 5 finance books below.

  1. I will teach you to be rich

Written by Ramit Sethi, this book gives actual advice regarding financial matters. It is mostly targeting young adults with ages between 25 and 35, but it can really apply to anyone. The book includes a six week personal finance program which, if followed can help anyone be in charge of their earnings and most importantly, to be in charge of their expenses. On top of that, “I will teach you to be rich” also has a surprisingly casual style, being both educational and funny.


  1. If you can: How millennials can get rich slowly

Written by William Bernstein, the most surprising fact about this book is that it’s actually free. The author is just giving it away free of charge on his website. The cofounder of the Efficient Frontier firm, William Bernstein wrote this book for the generations to come. The book is basically a 7000 word guit that allows you to retire with money in the bank.

  1. The millionaire next door

Written by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko, this book explains how American millionaires made their fortune. The book is based on more than 20 years of research during which time the authors discovered what the key ingredients to a financially successful life are. “The millionaire next door” is a book that deals with the basics of personal finance and gives excellent common sense advice such as never spending more than you earn or how to diversify your investments.

  1. Financially fearless

Also known as “The LearnVest program for taking control of your money”, this book written by Alexa Von Tobel is also backed up by an app and by online tips. The author is the founder and CEO of LearnVest, a firm that actually deals with financial planning. The book reiterates financial pnanning advice that the company gives to its clients. On top of that it has an incredibly casual style and is filled with a number of relatable stories you can definitely learn from.

  1. Rich habits

“The daily success habits of wealthy individuals” is written by Thomas Corley and actually is about certain habits that could one day make you become rich. The author took five years to study both the lives of poor and rich people and discovered a series of habits typical to each category. So this book will be a great way of knowing what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong in terms of dealing with money.