So here it is.

I finally started this blog to show my work and accomplishments over the years from all photography and traveling i did and all the things I’ve seen along the way. Once of the most beautiful places int he world is Turkey which I named this blog after due to their historical venture during the Islamic Turkish period.

I also will be showing photography and work from many periods of time and of many different occasions and experiences and places I will visit. I love taking photos of places and especially of things and people I see and have the pleasure of knowing.

This blog is just a fun experience and would love to invite all my followers and customers to read and enjoy it as much as I do and if they also have photos to share then please go ahead and share with all our readers.

My name is Simon and I am a single man 35 years old and enjoy my life to the fullest. Photography is my passion and even though I do hold odd jobs here and there, I do photography as well for a living and i would love it to become my main income one day.

You can contact me through my blog, i love to hear from all my readers and followers and look forward to your comments.