Five photography tricks for beginners


I am pretty sure that when you received your first DSLR, you were extremely excited to us. That is to say, who’s not right? Also, the next thing the vast majority of us will do is – begin mishandling the shutters and taking shots non-stop. Actually, that how we need to learn. Photography is all about being creative with no hard rules. In the event that you are new to photography, here are five approaches to make cool photographs to inspire your companions.

  1. Long Shutter shots

In simple words, you need to experiment with the shutter speeds and the long shutters create dramatic snaps. And this shutter speed is calculated in reciprocal of time, such as 1/30, 1/1500. But make sure that you use a tripod, since even a small jerk can distort your snap. Nowadays few cameras has bulb mode.

  1. Custom bokeh shapes

Bokeh is a term taken from Japanese and it means blur as in it is the aesthetic part of blur. This sort of technique has become quite popular in digital photography. By default, all the bokeh shapes will be circular since your lens is round as well. But if you want to have star bokeh then cut a small star in the middle of round black chart. Place it on top of the lens. Now you will click some fancy snaps.

  1. High dynamic range shots (HDR)

As a matter of fact, even our normal vision is not capable of seeing dynamic portions in photographs. Therefore, HDR is related to post processing technique rather than a camera trick. If you need to achieve this look, then you need to have the right software. Photoshop is one way to alter your snaps, if not download PhotoMatrix. This is a great software dedicated to HDR processing. Of course, you need to do bit of color correction and channel tuning.


  1. Burst Zooms snaps

Another interesting trick is burst zoom and most of the youngsters are using this technique. Most of us know the functionality of zoom feature. It makes far off objects seem to look nearer. You need practice to master burst zoom. If you want to take burst zoom snap, then you have to set your digital camera to wide aperture and along with slow shutter speed. In addition to that, opt for manual mode and get ready to shoot.

  1. High speed photography

Yep, everyone loves action!!However if you are inclined towards high speed photography, then you need to learn certain tricks. If you do not learn it well, you will have some out of focus and blurry images. Further to that, you have to understand camera aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings. This way you will be able to take photographs with this effect. Basically, High speed photography is categorized into three sections and it comprises of sports shots, macro shots and action shots.

Set higher ISO, have higher shutter speed to capture action. Moreover, first focus on your action subject and click few snaps to get a hang of it.