Master these tips to clean like a professional


There comes a period in each family where everybody is relied upon to contribute on a kind of family cleaning day.

I recently got a cleaning company specializing in condo cleaners and had to photograph their work. There is beauty in taking photos for every profession as we all have tough jobs but it comes in different forms. After that day, I refused to bring in another professional cleaning services or a local janitorial services.

For now, I take basically every necessary step to clean my house with your own two hands. Some people will think that you are lazy if you are seeking the help of professional cleaning agencies. In addition to that, paying another person to clean your home for you can be totally costly for you. Basically cleaning your home by yourself can be extremely self satisfying.

Alter the strategy 

The most common mistake people do is to clean room by room which is also referred as zone cleaning. This method is very time consuming as you will be concentrating on just one part of the house. In around five hours you can clean the whole house or spend same amount of time in cleaning the kitchen alone. Most of the people spend all their energy in cleaning just room, hence cannot focus in other areas. They may super clean the tiles and leave the stove dirty. As a general rule, simply brush through all the items and be brisk and efficient.


Kitchen and bathroom 
As you walk, use spray cleaner on toilets, sinks and tubs and then return and scrub all those areas. After that, wipe though the cabinets, insides of the microwave and appliance doors. Later on mop the kitchen and bathroom floors. You can scrub the bathroom floors with cleanser and microfiber cloth. Further to that dilute vinegar in water and it should be 1:3 proportions as this act as a disinfectant. This solution works great on mold and soap scum in the bathroom.

The right way to clean

Always start at the highest point such as the high shelves in the room and then move from left to right over the room. Along these lines, you don’t miss anything, and you won’t inadvertently thump dust onto cleaned lower racks. Make sure to clean all places that fingers touch, such as the light switches, door handles, phones and TV remotes. Those are the spots that individuals overlook, and they truly hold lots of germs. Vacuuming frequently, will remove 75% of the dust and hence won’t require a carpet cleaner. Buy from janitorial supply stores, where items are much less expensive and regularly come concentrated, so you simply include water.

Other alternatives

Use essential oils instead of air fresheners. Try out vanilla, nutmeg or cinnamon. Add few drops in boiling water and let the aroma spread through the rooms. Most of the people use direct bleach to stop mold growth; however it is less effective in eliminating mold spore. Therefore dilute it in water, before using the bleach. You do not have to purchase paper towels and glass cleaners to clean the mirrors. Just have newspapers and vinegar to get sparkling mirrors. Little baking soda is extremely effective in cleaning the insides of your fridge, this way it won’t smell of harsh chemicals.