Website Photography Trends



Website design is all about creativity and photography has become an essential part of website design now a day. Not only website, photography is important for any kind of design work, it is a fundamental tool to make something beautiful. Once there was a time when photographs were manipulated to be used in the website, that trend is gone now. The modern trend is to use actual photograph on the website to make it look beautiful, and this trick works every time. You may have already noticed many sites using actual large photographs. The concept of website design has changed after the use of actual photograph. So here are some current trends in web designing.

Large Background

Picture speaks louder than word, once website design was all about lines of text on the front page. Now the trend is to put a large sized background photo and only a few text. This makes the site look amazing and elegant. This approach is followed by most of the web designer and it works every time. This kind of design makes the site heavy and requires time to load, but the site looks amazing. Photography has become essential to design any kind of portfolio and ecommerce sites now a day. Put on a large background of a beautiful capture and your site interface is ready.



Foreground & Background

In this web design concept two photographs are used. One in the background and one in foreground. The object in the front is highlighted where the background is blurred. This is a form of illusion but it is very effective in website designing. This is a creative way of putting two objects together and creating a beautiful twist. You have to be a pro photographer to capture this kind of images. There are too many things to consider and the coordination have to be perfect. When everything is done rightly, the result is amazing and beautiful.


Manipulating photograph with different photo editing software has been very popular now a day. It is also called the photoshopped images which are being manipulated. There are literally thousands of way you can edit a photograph. The use of Monochrome images on website design is becoming very popular. It is about tuning the color of actual photograph and using it on the website. The blue color is probably the most widely used color when it comes to web design. Monochrome use blue as a safe option when manipulating the photograph.


This is another trick used by many professional web designers. This is a technique of putting different sized photographs and aligning those altogether. This way you can create an illusion of abstract organization and it looks beautiful. This was a unique approach but gaining popularity now a day. As I said earlier, creativity is the most important thing when designing a site. Knolling is the best creative approach if you can do it correctly.